UNITE U LUXURY Conditioner 8oz

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Unite's U LUXURY Conditioner is a nutrient-packed formula.

Compliment the U LUXURY Shampoo and indulge yourself in Crushed Pearl, Hawaiian White Honey, and Pure Argan Oil. The rich and creamy U LUXURY Conditioner will lock in the nutrients your hair loses each day and will enrich all hair types with ultimate health, voluminous body, and exquisite shine. Experience the benefits of U LUXURY Conditioner:

Locks in nutrients
Adds volumizing body
Moisturizes and nourishes
Use following U Luxury Shampoo
Free of Parabens
Pure Argan Oil
Hawaiian White Honey
Crushed Pearl Powder
Following U LUXURY Shampoo, apply U LUXURY Conditioner from roots to ends.
Leave in hair for 1 to 3 minutes as needed.
Rinse thoroughly.

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